On the other hand, I am also suspicious of claims that hold out punk as an impossible ur-figure of defiance or opposition to norms, and thus run counter to punk histories on the ground. I know too well from poststructuralism and postcolonial feminist studies that the figure of the resistant outsider (the native, the woodcutter, the person of color, the teenaged girl, the punk) becomes the occasion, the “raw” material, for another’s speech and expertise. And, as Rey Chow has so memorably observed, the scholar who studies the outsider, and who wishes for this other to be “authentic,” resistant, and disruptive, is too often a desire for the non-duped, sliding into the desire to be the non-duped, “which is a not-too-innocent desire to seize control”

(Mimi Thi Nguyen, Slander no. 8)

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